AiR Residency

The Somerville Arts Council announces a residence support grant for individual performance artists, groups of artists, to support the development of their work. We seek to support artists who include dancers, theater, multimedia performance based who need both space and technical assistance.   In the spring of 2021, in a partnership with Federal Realty, the Somerville Arts Council, and Callie Chapman, built out a rehearsal space to support local artists. 

AiR Residency Program will award artists with space, a small stipend, and other resources to support projects with the potential end goal of a public performance in Somerville.  Available residency periods range from 1-3 months and reward each artist with up to 100 hours of rehearsal time to be used for a maximum of 15 hours/week.


  • Artists must follow the ArtAssembled artist member protocol. 

  • The project/inquiry must fit within our facility, noting capacity limits are max 15 people at a time.

  • Must be working within the overarching disciplines that can be supported by ArtAssemebled residency space.  

  • Artist/group can be emerging, mid-career, or established

  • The project/inquiry’s intention cannot be a for-profit venture and must be geared toward art-making for performance. 

  • Artists cannot charge for activities in the space.

  • Somerville artists may elect for only residency; non-Somerville artists must plan for a public outreach engagement in Somerville. 

Artists will be awarded with:

  • The ability to view the calendar and book 45 days in advance, rather than the allotted 30 days

  • Up to 100 hours to use within the period of 3 months. Maximum of 15 hours/week.

  • A stipend of $1,000 to support a public performance either in a Somerville public space or through the Arts at the Armory “Pop performance” season (For more info: )

  • A stipend of $4,000 to be used at the artists discretion

  • Support from ArtAssembled staff with space arrangements and incorporation of other elements (as requested)


Applications deadlines are as follows: 

The 30th of each month with a 2-3 week review and notification process

Apply Here